Cantrell Ray Real Estate, LLC.

Cantrell Ray Real Estate is an appraisal and investment consulting firm whose mission is to provide its clients with the very best objective and rational decision making information for use with their commercial real estate investments.

Our firm performs five primary services:

  • We are appraisers of commercial property. Our firm provides the valuation studies for lending institutions, for corporations needing to know their asset value, and for many law firms throughout Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia in litigation support. We are qualified as experts in both Federal and Circuit Courts in Florida and have significant experience as an expert witness.
  • We act as consultants in the areas of lease negotiations, sales negotiations, highest and best use studies and other matters relating to the profitable use of commercial real estate.
  • We provide receivership service for those distressed properties in the midst of adversarial litigation. We are capable of delivering property management, construction and marketing expertise to troubled assets.
  • We are able to derive workout solutions for those properties which have defaulted on loans. By combining all of our knowledge and experience, we are able to know the most feasible solutions for problem properties and implement the plan.

Together with our relationships with brokerage firms, our firm has great synergistic value for our clients. Through our brokerage and development history, we bring hands-on experience and knowledge to the appraisal side of our business. Equally important, we bring our valuation knowledge to the development process for our clients benefit.

Few other firms in Florida engages in development, brokerage, and appraising and are able to merge the knowledge of all into one comprehensive service.

Cantrell Ray Real Estate, LLC. was started in 1994 and currently is a company with two MAI designated members of the Appraisal Institute.